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with one wellness choice at a time! -MCA

What is Autoimmunity Exactly?

occurs when the immune system is hyperactive and is no longer detecting the difference between healthy cells and foreign invaders in the body. 

Our immune system
is designed to protect and defend our bodies against foreign substance, however when there is a disruption in immune response, the body reacts, causing inflammation, which then leads to what is known as autoimmune diseases.

There are millions
of people living with an autoimmune disease in the world and counting! Whoa that is a lot right?! This is a serious matter and if we continue to ignore the underlying problems this number will continue to grow.

Ok so are you ready
to take control and get your life back? Are you ready to rid yourself of chronic pain, fatigue, depression, and everything else relative to autoimmunity? Do you want to know what it feels like to no longer solely depend on pharmaceutical drugs for relief and finally feel healthy and happier than ever? Well if that’s you, I’m here to support you on your healing journey.

Most approaches
 target the medication you'll choose, possible side effects,
and cost with little to no emphasis on lifestyle. I coach you to explore basic lifestyle improvements and implement gradual changes during our work together. As these pieces accumulate, you will find these changes collectively creating a much larger impact than originally anticipated. We work on what you want to improve within the circumstances of your unique situation.

to regain control of your life! You deserve to live a happy, healthy, and most importantly a healed life! I snatched my life back and I want you to enjoy the same freedoms forever!






Your Wellness Choices
Your Wellness Choices

Fruitful Friday!


Be fruitful and sow a great word / quote into someone's life today! Fruitful Fridays will feature awesome quotes that will inspire, uplift and encourage as you move throughout your day!

"You create your thoughts, your thoughts create you intentions, your intentions create your reality." ~Dr. Wayne Dyer

Thoughts are very powerful indeed! As a man thinketh so is he! Where you place your focus your attention goes also to encourage those thoughts to flourish and grow. Set your sights on your goals, create intentions / actions around them, then get ready because those things which you desire will become your reality!

What's your favorite inspiring quote / words? I would love to feature it here. Please share!

Happy Friday Sweeties!

Your Wellness Choices
Your Wellness Choices

Defying The Odds: How I'm defeating an Autoimmune Disease Final Pt.

Sweet Freedom!

As we dream of a life free from hardships, pain, sickness, tragedies etc, sometimes reality slaps us right in the face! With my sights set for healing my body of multiple sclerosis, I knew this was going to be a challenging, yet interesting journey!

I've learned so much about myself in the past two years and it's all thanks to a piece of paper with a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. Let me tell you I've identified with many things in my life, but this wasn't one of them. I immediately went into prayer mode to hear what the Lord wanted me to do with this thing. I needed that confirmation to seal this deal and to solidify my belief that I could truly heal my body.

So let's talk treatment…

I am primarily under my naturopathic doctor’s care. I still have a neurologist, however I see her once a year for an updated MRI. Of course she wasn’t too happy about that and I would be remiss if I didn't mention that I broke down in her office after she told me everything was great, stable, and it appeared that lesions were reversing. I mean at this point I was like I’m winning!!! But here she goes... You need to be on something and she didn't stop there. She starts hitting me statistics of African Americans (as she should I guess) and all this other stuff. This is where I really broke down and explained to her that these drugs are not in alignment with who I am. I refuse to deliberately destroy my body. I had a whole lot of faith and I know that I'm healed. So she advised that I come back every 4 months for a MRI, which I felt was a bit excessive. I said.... uhhh ma'am, will these be covered by insurance???... Lol, I already knew the answer and in my head I was saying, because the way my life is set up that's a no-go. LOL, see you in a year.  
Oh man, but yeah my naturopathic doctor hooked me up and here's how...

1. Uncovered food sensitivities / allergies 

2. Fixed my Foundation with special emphasis on gut health - fruits and veggies galore! Everyday all day! He also helped me find a way to get loads of it in daily without breaking the bank! #winning

3. Supplements - Specialized high quality supplements to support overall health especially gut health and brain function.  

These three initial things literally changed my life forever! I was able to successfully ween myself off the keppra with no returning spams or other symptoms, like fatigue, brain fog, vision variances, everything I experienced was gone. I would literally have tummy aches every day and my friends were so over me complaining about it, but when I made these changes all issues that were normal to me were nowhere to be found!

What changes did I make exactly?
A total lifestyle change is exactly what I did. I simply let go of the judgment and trusted the process. I am a plant-based occasional pescatarian now, lol! Coming from the Low Country, seafood is a tough one for me to give up 100%, however I am moving farther and farther away from the urges. Just pray for me though, LOL! I also began incorporating exercise regularly, journaling and meditation. Life is better now than it's ever been because I now have a better understanding of myself and the role food plays in my life. Going through my health coaching program along with making these changes also had a tremendous impact! God has a mysterious way of making things fit together and it was perfect for me to have found my holistic doctor and my health coaching program. I needed these two together to successfully heal my body! I soon discovered that the more processed foods I consumed the worst I felt, and the more whole fresh food of the earth I ate, the more alive I felt. So which would you choose? A life of constant pain and complaints or one of joy, adventure and love! I don't know about you but I've made my choice!

“If you have a major illness, use it for enlightenment. Anything “bad” that happens in your life – use it for enlightenment. Withdrawn time from illness. Don’t give it any past of future. Let if force you into intense present moment awareness and see what happens.” –Eckhart Tolle

The Challenge!

I was sent to challenge you! To push you to your next level in life. It's time for you to forget what you were told and really explore what may be true for you in this moment of your life! Health is a serious matter. If you aren't operating at optimal health then you are losing out on some area of wealth in your life (family, friends, fun, finances, etc). If I didn't have faith and the knowing that all would be well, I am not sure where I would be today. If I didn't take initiative to find a doctor or to get certified as a health coach, I don’t know where I would be. I just know that I wouldn’t be here. I wouldn't be here to encourage you to stand up for your health and demand a new way, a path less traveled, but a sure way to your healing. Our magnificent creator gave us one body equipped with everything we need on the inside. If you believe this, then you know we have a healing system already built inside of us. It's time to activate it! It's time to blow the dust off and crank it back up to work in your favor. Stop being a hoarder of the things God placed inside and let's begin to use this stuff. As a health coach that's what I'm here to do... Inspire you to step out on faith and take the proper steps to kick-start your healing.

You Choose!

This process looks very different for everyone but it starts out just the same. Just say YES! Say yes to yourself, your power, the greatness you are hoarding within! It's time! If you're dealing with anything and you feel like it has you are in bondage let's talk! If I found my way through so can you! Say yes to being your very best! Say yes to finding how powerful our creator is! Say yes to your transformation! Say yes to the new you! You have the potential to be who you see yourself as... We only have one life. Choose today to start enjoying yours despite your diagnosis! I don’t have MS, I was only given a diagnosis, a piece of paper, which has no power over my life!

Ready to snatch your life back? Let's chat! Remember you have the power to control your body, to control your destiny, all with one wellness choice at a time! You have nothing more to lose but everything to gain. Decide if today will be your first step towards gaining your life back!

Your Wellness Choices
Your Wellness Choices

Defying The Odds: How I'm Defeating an Autoimmune Disease Pt. 2

We all dream of a life free from hardships, pain, sickness, tragedies, etc., but then at some point or another we are brought back to reality. With a host of mostly unexplained symptoms (at least in my mind), I was in for some news I was not prepared to receive. 

I knew something was wrong when I began having involuntary spasms, meaning I couldn't control my hands, feet, or eyes, so I scheduled a doctor’s appointment to hopefully let them see what I was dealing with. Ok so now I am sitting there and in my mind I thinking… man please spasm come so they won’t think I am cray cray. Lol, so she’s asking me all kinds of questions and I explain what’s been happening and she just looks at me with a blank stare. She then starts to feel my hands and check my eyes. In this moment I am just praying for something to happen. This would be the only way she could accurately refer me. So she starts saying she’s going to prescribe me some steroids or something and then I felt it coming on. Oh yes, I thought to myself as the spasm began, but then I quickly was like ok now you can stop. Lol, they always lasted for about 15-30 seconds, but it felt like forever. She quickly referred me to a neurologist to have a MRI immediately.

I got the MRI and some blood work done and went on my merry way wondering what could actually be going on! I get a call a couple days later and the results came back with the diagnosis of MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS. WTF man… Like W….T… F….?! Yes, MS! I was given a list of meds to choose from (very overwhelming) and was scheduled for a spinal tap, which confirmed that I have MS! So it was settled Ms. lady, you have Multiple Sclerosis. A degenerative disease that effects the central nervous system. Oh my God!

My thoughts…

Quite naturally we go into denial mode and then we start asking those life changing questions like, what does this mean for my life, I mean would I need meds forever, would I end up in a wheelchair, more spasms, fatigue, blindness, balancing issues… I mean what? There were so many thoughts swirling around my mind, but the biggest one was what would I do?

I was first sent to private referral to get steroid infusions for 5 days! I laid in a hospital bed for an hour each of those days thinking about what would become of me. After that I was given prednisone to complete the treatment. Well that was a waste because my spasms came back one day after I completed the meds and it was back with a vengeance! Every step I took, every move I made sent my body into spasms mode! I was miserable and in tears! I was then prescribed Tegretol which cost $200! Whoa! Man this broke me down. I cried and cried, how would I afford meds at this rate. A week later I broke out in hives. What a waste, so I was prescribed Keppra a seizure med. Man, the side effects from both of these meds were unbearable. I didn’t know if I was coming or going, I was falling asleep at work, felt super spaced out, and I was slipping into a depression. I didn’t want to do anything but sit home. I couldn’t focus on anything. I finally got to the neurologist to reduce my dosage and things started to feel normal again or so I thought.

With all these thoughts swirling around, I just couldn’t bear the thought of taking meds that would make me feel some kind of way... I didn’t want to sign up for something that would make me feel a lot worse on them than off. At this point I decided that I had to find another way to approach this condition called MS!

My Decision

I searched high and low for doctors who practiced functional medicine. Osteopaths, Naturopaths, whoever was experienced in autoimmune disease and most importantly one who had a holistic approach. I successfully found an amazing naturopathic doctor who assured me that I would be able to heal my body from the inside out.  A naturopathic doc’s approaches healthcare from the inside out, identifying the source and treating that, not the manifested symptom as traditional doctors do. My decision to seek out a holistic practitioner was the single most important decision I made concerning my health, although I did choose Tecfidera as a MS treatment to quiet my neurologist. I absolutely knew starting what’s called a DMD – Disease Modifying Drug (key word modifying) wasn’t the right thing for me to do, so off to discover what options were out there for me to take advantage of to conquer MS by way of a holistic practioner!

Sooo What Now…

My life has really turned around since my diagnosis and I’m truly grateful. I can’t even begin to tell you the joy, love, and appreciation, I have for my life and the diagnosis I was given. You may be wondering what the heck I am doing for treatment? What changes did I make to rid myself of the symptoms mentioned in the last blog post and how on earth can I be appreciating such a savage kind of disease? Well I am more than happy to share what I learned and how it changed the way I approached this unpredictable, debilitating, autoimmune disease conveniently called multiple sclerosis.  

Stay tuned for the final part of Defying the Odds: How I’m Defeating an Autoimmune Disease!

Your Wellness Choices
Your Wellness Choices

Defying The Odds: How I'm Defeating an Autoimmune Disease Pt. 1

We all dream of a life free from hardships, pain, sickness, tragedies, etc, but then at some point or another we are brought back to reality. But what happened to the beautiful roses, birds chirping, songs we would sing when that one so unrealistic day decides to come our way. Welp, I’ve had mine and I want to take you inside of my life as I live with what is commonly known as an “autoimmune disease.”

Officially diagnosed in 2015 at the awesome age of 27, like 1 month shy of my 28th birthday. Can you imagine? Maybe or maybe not, but man was it a blow. Like for real. This was the last thing I wanted to hear, to be a part of, to feel, but it was something so very real and I had to acknowledge it.

Over the next 3 weeks I will share with you my journey and how I came to achieve a HEALTHY, HAPPY, and most importantly a HEALED life!

Alright so let’s get to it, what really happened? What were my symptoms? What thoughts did I have shooting all across my brain? What did I decided to do? How’s life now? These may be some questions you may have for me and guess what I will answer each one for you over this 3 part blog series.

What really happened?

Let’s backup to 2008. I woke up one morning with blurred vision in my left eye. I wasn’t sure what was going on, but for a second I thought it was time for me to get some glasses, but it continued to get worse until the point I lost central vision in that eye. I later found out that I had optical neuritis and was at risk for developing an autoimmune disease. Ekkk.... Fast forward to 2015, I began to show signs of various symptoms that brought thoughts of that dreaded autoimmune disease back into my life and from there the story begins.

What were your symptoms?

Spasms - This is where I knew something wasn’t right. I was experiencing involuntary spasms all along the right side of my body. The spasms started in my hands first. I would feel this sensation on my right side and then my hand would start closing. My thumb would draw itself inward towards my palm and I couldn’t straight it back out until it was over. Then it moved down to my feet. I was in Atlanta spending the weekend with my bestie and as we were walking back to the hotel bam…. My feet started spasing. My toes were spreading apart and I was pretty my paralyzed in those moments. Ughhh, it was very uncomfortable.

Extreme Fatigue – You want to talk about tiredness. Man look, I would have a daily crash session between 11-1 every day. Many days my head would hit my desk. This was the kind of tired even coffee couldn’t fix. I would often close my eyes at stop lights b/c they were just so freaking heavy and would get a nice horn blown to perk me up. I would come home every day and crash on the couch for 2 hrs after work b/c I felt so drained.  Smh, terrible I know, but it was my life.

Brain Fog – My thinking was cloudy. I was forgetting things.

Numbness – My arm would often go limp at night. I’m talking like it had not life. The sensation would wake me up and I would have to focus to start moving my hands to get the circulation back up to regain feeling. I would sometimes feel it in my legs as well.

Slight variance with my vision – I often see little floating circles, occasional blurriness, itchy eyes, which I am not really sure is an actual symptom, but hey it’s all connected.
Ok so there you go, those are some things I dealt with at the time of my diagnosis and little did I know symptoms 3-5 was due to an autoimmune disease. I honestly just thought I wasn’t getting enough sleep, or that I wasn’t interested in the information I was given. My numbness was due to sleeping wrong (I mean we all experience numbness at times), and that I had some kind of eye allergy which was responsible for the itchy eyes, etc. Although I could definitely improve some things, I really had no idea what I would soon learn was the real culprit to my problems……

Stay tuned for part 2 of Defying the Odds: How I’m Defeating an Autoimmune Disease!

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